***Service Alerts***

Due to recent events, we are currently experiencing higher than normal call volume at the VA Mobile Service Desk. Please be patient as we work through all current clinician's requests when dialing the support number (844-482-6624).

Lookout is a required application on VA HealthPads. After enrolling in Hub, open Lookout and complete the required scan. Lookout will run in the background, even if closed.

There is a new application called PIV-D that works as a virtual PIV card (derived credentials) on your mobile device. Your HealthPad must be enrolled in Hub.

The newest iOS version for the VA HealthPad is 13.6 Update by going to Settings > General > Software Update > Download & Install. For more help with turning on Automatic Updates on your HealthPad, please visit https://s.vamobile.us/Automatic_iOS

The newest version of Workspace by Citrix 20.7.5, was released on 7/28/2020. Please update as soon as possible.

The current Patient Viewer version is PV 4.6.2, and is now released nation-wide. Download the app from the VA App Catalog, or access it through VA Launchpad.

Want to know more? Visit https://mobile.va.gov for more information about applications that support Health Care Professionals.

VA Mobile Service Desk technicians are also available at 844-482-6624 (844-4VA-Mobile), Monday through Saturday from 7am-7pm CST.
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